5 Man Cave Must-Haves

The man cave, the mantuary, the manland, or whatever you like to call it, is the last bastion of masculinity. It’s a nook, space, a room, or a random part of a house designed to be a safe and sacred space for men who wish to be alone, detached from the entire house, while working, playing, or engaging in his many hobbies without being pestered or bothered. It’s his temple.

Cool entertainment gadgets, clever design ideas, and complementary furnishing are the three main qualities of a perfect man cave. So whether you’re a man who’s looking to make your own personalized space or a girlfriend who’s looking to make your man very happy, this list of man cave essentials is for you.

Make Your Gamer Friends Jealous

You know you want it and you know you absolutely need it. Retro arcade machines are a staple in any man cave. And if you're considering purchasing one, you should undoubtedly do so. You can play it alone, with your buddies, or even with your kids. It allows you to take a nostalgic trip and create new memories at the same time.

This particular classic arcade machine is one of the best out there. It comes with thousands of pre-installed vintage arcade games, has a high-quality display, thick tempered glass, and premium joysticks. Unlike other knockoffs on the market, it is neither inexpensive nor lightweight; it is a full-size professional quality machine made with the best materials available. Best of all, it’s plug-and-play ready.

Arcades are truly unique. There’s something about it that no other gaming console can replicate. They evoke memories of playing classic games and having fun with others in an atmosphere where you're investing nothing except your time. It’s a man cave must-have.

Put A Shark In Your Tank

Night lights aren’t just for kids. From keyboards to consoles, the modern man cave is often lit with LED and RGB lights. A night light, especially a 3D one, is perfect for those who like the cyberpunk aesthetic or just enjoy creating small sensory experiences for themselves in even the most little ways.

The 3D Shark Illuminated Night Light is a sick addition to your man cave. It has multiple changeable color modes and a flashing mode that displays all its color options, including red, green, blue, and cyan. Imagine admiring this bad boy while unwinding in your bed or couch with your favorite song after an entire day of working and grinding.

But men who are going for a more minimalist and classy vibe can illuminate their mantuary with the Infinity RGB LED Nordic Floor Lamp.  At the press of a button, you can experience more than 360 multicolor effects, allowing you to incorporate a range of colorful hues into your space. The possibilities for sprucing up your man cave with this lamp are almost endless, and the seamless transitions will give your space an infinite range of ambiances, depending on your mood.

Create Your Own Man Cave Theater

Are you too lazy to go to an actual cinema? Is your computer display not enough for you to enjoy a movie? A premium DIY theater in your man cave is the answer to your cinephile woes. 

According to many movie directors, sound is the most important aspect of filmmaking. The same holds true for movie watching. When it comes to home theaters, audio is king. This is a space whose sole goal is to entertain. Old and muffled speakers will 100% ruin the experience and reduce enjoyment. 

Every man needs a man cave theater speaker system, such as the Edifier S760D, that they can be proud of. With a 540W RMS output, this system is equipped with high-quality sound decoders to give the greatest listening experience. A large 10 inch bass driver and two passive radiators provide an astonishing 250W RMS, while the four satellites and center speaker each deliver 60W RMS. Aside from watching movies, the exceptionally adaptable S760D, with its many input possibilities, can be used for gaming, partying, and other big room settings.

But don’t stop there! You are limiting the potential of your man cave theater if you do not have a stunning display to use with your powerful audio system. For those who really want to go big, the Khomo Gear 120 Inch Movie Projector Screen is great when paired with a decent projector. It’s stable, super easy to set up, and can be folded any time, which can be convenient when you need extra space in your room. Watching action films and NBA games will never be the same again!